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What are Monthly Service Plans?

Monthly Service Plans gives you the ability to talk to a paralegal on any p​ersonal legal matter without worrying about high hourly costs. That’s why, under the protection of Monthly Service Plans, you or your family can live your lives worry free.

What is great about this is you don’t have to worry about figuring out which paralegal to use, we’ll be here for you.  

What can we do for you?

Legal Matters – Consultation/Advice

• Our paralegal will call you back within  24 hours.

• If your paralegal does not reach you on the first attempt, we'll reach out again and try to contact you.

• If your paralegal cannot reach you via phone within a few attempts your paralegal will use another method of communication to let you know they are trying to contact you.

Document Review/ Letters Prepared

• When you submit a document for review, your paralegal will review the document within 72 hours .

• If you need a Letter prepared, it will be completed within 72 hours after all necessary documents to draft the letter are received.

• If you committed to sending documents to your paralegal for review, and they are not received, your paralegal will send you a follow-up within five business days.

What Can We Do For You or Your Business?

As An Individual:

- We can help you sign a lease

- Arrange a security deposit

- Fight an eviction notice

- Ending a lease with correct notices

As A Business:

- Debt Collection

- Contracts and Agreements

- Employment

- Business Licenses

- Civil Litigation



Our plans start as low as $9.99 per month.

Please contact our office for additional information and other pricing plans available.

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