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T R A F F I C  A N D  P R O V I N C I A L

O F F E N C E S  M A T T E R S 

Are the police talking to you? Just relax...

Listen to the officer, keep your hands in plain sight and Never admit guilt. It is difficult to fight a ticket after you admit guilt roadside.

It is not just a ticket! It can impact your insurance rates for up to 7 years. Not only can it increase your annual premium of 5% to 10% per ticket, an insurance company may also find you uninsurable.

No matter the size of the fine or the amount of points, it is always worth it to hire a professional.

*Ask about our flat rate billing.*

Landlord & Tenant Board 

We offer affordable services in all LTB matters.

Commissioner Of Oath 

Bring your documents here! Call to set up an appointment.

Small Claims Court

Let us handle all the work for you.

Call today at (905) 962-1169or Email by clicking the button.

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